Jackie arrived in Devon in 2021, via Edinburgh, Yorkshire and the South East. She is largely self-taught, starting to paint seriously again in 2014 after a working life in London. She has developed as an artist through going to workshops, reading, and practice, practice, practice. Being aphantasic (having no “mind’s eye”), Jackie paints what she sees with her eyes, as she can see nothing in her head. Her main inspiration is the human face and body, which she enjoys rendering in various media: principally oils, but also in acrylic, soft pastels and charcoal. She has carried out several portrait commissions from photos, but can also work from life. She has also sold many other kinds of work, from landscapes and seascapes to still lifes and abstract. Before coming to Devon, Jackie was a member of Beechwood Artists Group and the Cookham Art Group, exhibiting regularly with both, and also taking part in county-wide Bucks Art Weeks. In April 2022 she founded an art group in Sheepwash, Devon, which has quickly grown and developed into the Deep Lanes Art Collective. 
​​​​​​​ Jackie is a member of the following organisations: